A Yogic Detoxification & Pranic Healing Retreat for 5 nights 6 Days in Manali

This retreat is designed to give you an overall physical, mental and emotional detoxification vis a vis relaxation. It an overall wellness retreat program designed for those who are very busy in their daily working life and give less time for health revival. This retreat is more like an over-hauling program, in which your body shall be cleansed internally as if a motor car comes out of work-shop after service. Major highlights of this 5 Nights / 6 days retreat are:

  • Yogic colon cleansing (Shankh-Prakshalana)
  • Shat-Karma (Yogic Cleansing of Nose, Mouth, Throat, and Stomach)
  • Basic Yogasana (Body movements and stretchings)
  • Class on Emotional Blockage release
  • Yog-Nidra
  • Inner Awakening Meditation
  • Treks for hidden waterfalls and Jungle treks

Shankh-Prakhshalan is a thousand years old technique of yogis to release all toxins out of the body through cleansing of colons. To read more about Shankh-Prakshalana click here.


A very healthy and refreshing retreat for all. Will help you in loosing weight, mental stress, body toxins, Colon cleansing to give a new life to your digestive system. High Prana breathing techniques will help in opening and rejuvenating blocked veins and activating nervous system and much more.

Contact (call & Whatsapp): Amit Falak at 7678552936


You shall be stayed in a very comfortable and luxury cottage, which is located amidst of apple orchards, in a very beautiful and alive village called ‘Batahar’, around 15 km. before Manali.

This whole belt is also called as, “Valley of gods” as it is extremely famous for its worshiping of local deities. Hence a very pure, spiritual and natural life is available. This place is at a distance of around 15 minutes walk from the river Vyas & its tributaries, Deodar Jungles, local temples and other local himachali villages of around.

Available room is on double sharing basis with a very comfortable stay, nice and clean toilet/bathroom. Next to your room, a big sitting hall, full with sofas/couches etc. is available. In room, a big king size bed is available along with separate sofa-bed. Sharing of the room shall be done accordingly.

From every room, you have a great view of the mountains, Garden and apple orchard, wherein you can constantly listen the chirping sound of birds around.

In this retreat, we have selected many beautiful treks for your daily walks, so that you can naturally breathe-in the high prana available in highly energiesd fresh air here. In these treks, we will show you the unfamous hidden jungle waterfalls, apple gardens, and the other villages.


During the retreat, you will stay in our cottage at village Batahar, Manali. Here, we will have practice sessions on cleansing, yoga, meditations, daily walks to beautiful and interesting places.


Day 1

You will arrive at our place, be welcomed and transferred to your allocated room. You can rest and relax.

An introductory session along with a meditation session shall be done. After which an easy evening walk around the village or jungle shall be conducted. Dinner shall be served at 7:30.

Day 2

Your morning shall start by 6:30 with shatkarma process, wherein you shall cleanse your eyes, nostrils, throat etc. through various ancient yogic techniques like jal-neti, Kunjal, Bhasrika etc.

Thereafter, half Shankh-prakshalana shall be conducted. Once, this is done, Yoga & Pranayama classes shall help you in gaining a new life with new prana.

After breakfast, session on emotional blockage release shall be conducted, wherein we shall understand about emotional blockages and work on releasing them.

After lunch, another session of ‘Nada-Brahma’ meditation shall be done, wherein you shall be introduces towards your inner energy chakras, sounds and their healing ways.

After evening tea, a long walk towards the jungle shall be conducted. These walks are not only healing by nature but will also give you a chance to see the natural beauty around in its wilderness.

Thereafter evening meditation session and dinner.

(Only Khichdi, light vegetable soup, shall be served in breakfast / lunch / dinner )

Day 3

This day shall also start with your Shatkarma process and be continued with shankh-prakshalana. This shall be your day of completing the whole shankh-prakshalana process. You shall be served with khichdi with ghee in all your three meals this day.

Whole day rest without any hard work is recommended on this day.

Day 4

Day will start with a light morning walk and easy shatkarma practice. Class on Yogasana and Pranayam shall be conducted. First session on expression of love, art, joy, laugh shall be conducted. After light sattvik lunch we all can go for waterfall trek and there other meditation session shall be conducted.

Day 5

Morning with a nearby river walk shall be conducted. We shall carry our yoga mats with us and will do our yoga and pranayama in the jungle.

After breakfast, either it could be a day off. People can finish their pending work or walk around in the market or we all can go for sightseeing of other beautiful places around like hadimba temple.

Evening session with meditation and dinner.

Day 6

Day will start with Yoga & Pranayama. After breakfast, we shall take leave of each other with love, peace and happy memories.

Any immediate changes can be done in the above schedule, considering the need of time & circumstances.

Included excursions

Almost on daily basis, jungle, river or mountain walks shall be conducted. In a given day, we shall go for long jungle walks vis a vis visiting waterfalls, where everyone can take bath and enjoy.


As it’s a detox retreat, hence home-made Indian sattvik food shall be served, considering the state of health & need of the body. During shankh-prakshalana days, to get the best results, Khichdi of moong-dal with rice and lots of desi ghee shall be served.  Till process is done, we shall avoid eating anything outside.

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

What’s included:

  • 5 nights accommodation
  • Yogic meals with two tea-breaks. Milk or herbal tea shall be provided accordingly.
  • Shatkarma & Shankh-Prakshalana sessions
  • Meditation sessions
  • Yoga & Pranayama practices
  • Treks for jungle and waterfalls

What’s not included:

  • Any transportation including airport transfer
  • Bottled mineral water and other beverages outside the program

What you need to bring with yourself:

  • Yoga mat
  • Umbrella
  • A comfortable light warm jacket (in case of weather change)
  • Grip Shoes to walk on mountain treks


Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Bhuntar Domestic Airport, Kullu, which is around 30 km. away from our place. Also, book a taxi to reach us from airport till Batahar. At your request, we can also book a taxi for you, cost of which (around Rs. 2500/- )shall be borne by you only.

By Bus

You can also arrive through Volvo bus, which you can either catch from , Majnu ka tilla, Delhi or Sector 43 bus stand, Chandigarh. Buses shall drop you at Manali private bus-stand or you can also drop around 18 km. before Manali at Patlikuhal. From here you can reach us with the help of taxi. At your request, we can also book a taxi for you, cost of which (around Rs. 500/-) shall be borne by you only.

Dates & Prices



For couples For single sharing For Double sharing

(Double Bed/ Sofa Bed)

In July 31000/- 21000 17000/15000
04-08 July 19
11-15 July 19
18-22 July 19
25-29 July 19
In August
01-05 August 19
08-12 August 19
15-19 August 19
22-26 August 19
In September
05-09 Sept. 19
12-16 Sept. 19
19-23 Sept. 19
26-30 Sept. 19


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